Gustav Mahler Society of Colombo is the foremost Performing Arts Organization in the country, dedicated to performance, education and promotion of Western Classical Music.
Home to Sri Lanka’s premier Orchestra, the Gustav Mahler Orchestra of Colombo & the self-titled Chorus, the largest performing ensemble in the country.

Instruments of the Orchestra:
The String Family - Pt. I

Article Series on Sunday Observer 07/02/2021

As most of you study music we decided to have a look at the composition of an orchestra and its instruments. Srimal Weerasinghe, Music Director of the Gustav Mahler Society takes you on this musical journey as part of the Society’s music Educational Programme.

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Happy 73rd Independence Day Sri Lanka - Ceylon Diaries, GMSC

Special film by Ceylon Diaries and the Gustav Mahler Society of Colombo.

04.02.2021 marks 73 years since Sri Lanka gained independence from the British imperial rule. Originally titled "Namo Namo Matha", Ananda Samarakoon composed the song which was premiered on the 4th of February 1949 at an official ceremony. The song was changed to "Sri Lanka Matha" and was adopted as the national anthem of Sri Lanka in 1952 by the then Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) government. The lyrics of the song were allegedly changed from Samarakoon's original version which later led to much controversy.

The Gustav Mahler Society Creates a New Orchestra

Classical music has been on a downward trend in Sri Lanka in the last few years. While it has been kept alive in certain pockets of Colombo, many people, especially from outside the city, look at it with a degree of apprehension. That’s perhaps because it is perceived as an elite interest, and as requiring a certain amount of education in the subject to be enjoyed. But Weerasinghe aspires to change that. An effort like the Gustav Mahler Society is a valuable resource, especially since it provides audiences an alternative to biscuit-kudu bus music.

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