Terms of use

1. Scope

The General Terms and Conditions regulate the legal relations between concert-goers, online/offline content creators, any other third-party and the Gustav Mahler Society of Colombo (GMSC).

2. Concert Programs and Schedules

The concert programs including the beginning of the concerts and all relevant details will be published on the official website of the GMSC. Announced schedules are subject to alteration. Concert guests may be allowed to enter the hall after the concert has already begun, during convenient pauses, if possible.

3. Visual and Audio Recordings

The reproduction of visual and audio recordings of any kind is forbidden, in principle. The GMSC reserve for themselves the right to allow visual and audio recordings and transmissions with respect to all performances subject to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Act No. 36 of 2003, Sri Lanka.

4. Declaration of Consent

Concert goers give their approval of these General Terms and Conditions with purchasing a ticket or signing a subscription agreement.

5. Coming into effect

These General Terms and Conditions come into force on 15 June 2018 and shall be altered or rescinded only by the Board of Directors of the GMSC.